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Preperation Collection Storage

Store your Cards With us Until you are ready to Send out a order via Xeno-ots.

Deadline Limits

Deadline Limits are Set once a Minimum of 100 Cards are on the Order list.

after this target, invoices will be sent out To any Remaining Customers Cards for prompt payment withing 7 days of the Deadline Ending.

Private collection V.I.P

Want a Private collection picking up? don't want to risk posting to us. 

Private collection consists of 5+ Cards and Add to your collection at any time using Single submission or Multi submission.

Swap out Cards in your collection for others

Free Pick up within our E-Delivery Range included or Drop off at the studio.

Top Proction for your Cards

All Preperation collection cards, are stored in sleeves and Top loaders, within our Custom converted Ikea drawer Storage, lined with Soft Padding so even the top loaders feel like they are on holiday.

Cleaning Included

We'll Make sure your Cards lint/dust free Packed in Clean, Dust-free Sleeves and top loaders.


  • Single - £12

  • Multi- £9 per card

  • V.I.P =  Begin a Private Collection with 5 Cards.

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Approved Collection Service For Good Bros Grading!  Why Use Xenosscape for your collection for Grading Service.

Sending a single card is not a very Effective Value-wise, so why not bulk in with other Hobbyists.

If you don't mind waiting until the collection Limit is reached, we'll look after your Graded card in our Storage or you can send it to us by our deadline before we ship out Bulk Orders.

  •  Save on postage 

  • Plan Your collection to be Graded, Want to change a card out? before a Deadline No Problem!

  • can you send your cards in your own Protective sleeving & top loaders, Sure can, 

    and we'll send back your top-loaders with your Graded Cards?​

  • Convicent local Access to Store your Cards to be graded.

budget with us at no charge.

Good Bros Grading Collection Service.
Due to Goodbros Hiatus, card Collection is still on-going but Card submissions to GBG are halted until Further Notice

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