Comes with Free Light Basing, Medium Grade painting, and  Members 10% off if you have a Discount Code or when you create an account Message me and i'll send you, your unique Discount code.


(discount codes can be Acquired through Previous Orders on the Back of Business Cards delivered in previous orders or in-person when Enquired)


Xenosscapes definition of Army:

1-2x HQ's (any size, Painted to Character Grade)

1x battalion (3 units of 10 with 32mm base sizes or less)

Elite choices (1x 3man unit with 40-50mm bases sizes or less)

2x Tanks/Vehicles :for example Dreadnoughts, Monsters(heavy = 60-70mm base.

Tanks or transport and Dreadnoughts or equivalent to two vehicle models.

40, 50 and 60-70- 80mm base size models.


Elite choice can be substituted for one of the following:

*Fast attack 3x models(32-40mm or less)

*5 Infantry (32mm or less)

*5 man Troops choice (32mm or less)


Generally a working usable Balanced army.

 An infantry Spam army is not considered a balanced army and is exempt from this service due to time vs cost the Requirements for the above deal must include Tanks/Vehicles and the model limit or slightly less if Agreed via email.


TC's= Models Must be Built in usable condition before drop/shipping to studio.

( Models can be built for a small extra charge should the customer Order Models from a Retail seller for the commission project and deliver to the studio, as of this Carry Cases Must be provided or Ordered Via the studio Options will be provided or provided by the customer)


* Please do not send unbuilt models from your collections without Model Carry Cases)


glued or unglued to bases No problem.

Repairs will be made within reason and attempted so the models are to a paintable standard)

please contact me directly about Army Deals at


Effective Savings £20-180

This is the Best Deal for Complete Armies that need painting, want a bloodthirster painted No problem! this service is perfect for those that want an Army Factory painted/built within a month period.


Turn around time is Estimated to be 2-4 weeks, any delay past 4 weeks customers will be Notified.


My current Limit is 3 Army deals a month , if there is no Stock then the Deal is assumed to be booked and will be ready again after the 4 weeks or changed according to work loads.




Tabletop Army Painting Deal

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  • Due to this being an Army painting Service, the Models provided are done so by the customer or Purchased on behalf of the Customer.

    Refunds will only be given if by The artist that has not fulfilled the Clients Requests or the Minimum Standard as Described in the Army deal.

    Refunds can not be Requested :

    • Broken models on arrival Due to this being out of our control.
    • For wrong shade ( the client must provide the specific details before the commission starts, if not the Artist will assume Freelance and use colours from the Description provided by the client aka military colours)
    • Models can not be returned as they will be built and in a state to not be returned.

    Accepted Terms for Refunds

    • Wrong models Purchased ( Refund for the cost of the painting on those models)
    • Clearly stated Not painted to the Clients chosen colour sets/groups aka Wanted Green was painted Red.

    for all other enquiries, direct contact is the prefered method to resolve any issues.



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