Commander Legends Decks -Precons Duelset



  • Armed For combat :  Plains and Mountain,  Commander = Wyleth, Soul of Steel (More info TBA)
  • Harvest The Seas : Islands and Forest , Commander = Aesi, Tyrant Of Gyure Strait.


New Mechanics Info Below


Commander Legends has three returning non-evergreen mechanics and one new mechanic


  • Encore is the new mechanic, appearing only on nonlegendary creatures. You can pay a creature's encore cost and exile it from your graveyard to create a number of token copies of it equal to your number of opponents. Each of those tokens has haste, must attack either that player or a planeswalker they control, and is sacrificed during the end step.
  • Partner is the first returning mechanic, originally printed in Commander 2016. To facilitate deckbuilding, the set features 40 monocolor partners (and one colorless partner). A player may have two commanders if each of them has the partner keyword. The two partners together provide a 2-color color identity for the deck. The Prismatic Piper is intended to be used as a failsafe, providing an additional color for a deck when the player isn't able to draft the right commanders.
  • Monarch returns from Conspiracy: Take the Crown, to facilitate multiplayer play.[13] Only one player at a time can designated the monarch. At the beginning of the monarch's end step, they draw a card; and whenever someone deals combat damage to the monarch, they become the new monarch.
  • Cascade is the last returning mechanic, originally printed in Alara Reborn. When a spell with cascade is cast, its controller reveals cards from the top of their library until they reveal a nonland card that costs less: they may then cast it without paying its mana cost.




Commander Legends 2020 Decks : DUEL set of 2

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£33.49Sale Price
  • contents

    • 100 Card Ready to Play Decks
    • 3 Totally New Cards, Printed for the First Time.
    • 99 + 1 commander
    • 1 Legendary Foil commander Card
    • 10x tokens
    • 1x Deck Box (Can Hold 100 sleeved Cards)
    • 1x Life Tracker


    • New Mechanics
    • Cards Suited for commander Format.


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