Magic The Gathering : Coreset 2021


Release date . 3/07/2021


coreset 2021 Key features

Return of Mill, Prowess Abilities , Creature Type : Dogs such as Pack Leader , Card Cycle : Shrine Enchantments and Multi-colour Creatures as Alpine Hound master.


Example: Alpine houndmaster:

When Alpine houndmaster Enters the battle field, you may search your library for a card named Apline Watch dog and/Or a card named Igneous Cur, Reveal them, Put them into your hand, then sufle your Library.


Whenever alpine houndmaster attacks, it gets +X/0 untill end of turn where X is the number of other attacking Creatures.


So Being a Pack leader comes with the theme, to get as many Hounds or Fast summons as possible.


Legendary Card Examples : Sanctum of stone Fangs : 

At the Beginning of your precombat main phase, Each Opponent loses X life and you Gain X life, where X is the Number of shrines you control.


Legendary Artifact : Chromatic Orrery

Mana Cost 7 , You may spend Mana as though it Were Mana of any color.

Tap for  : 5 colorless mana


pay 5 and Tap: Draw a card for each color Among Permanents you control.




Core Set 2021 Planeswalker Decks

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