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Magic The Gatherings: Innistrad Midnight Hunt


Innistrad is based on 17th-18th Century lore from Eastern Europe and Germany, Mythology of Werewolfs and Goth Fiction.


The plane is primarily populated by Humans but these live in fear of a number of classical creatures of horror and regularly fall prey to Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires or Ghosts. Further, Demons are becoming an ever-growing threat. 



Magic The Gathering : Innistrad Midnight Hunt Draft box

£143.64 Regular Price
£108.95Sale Price
  • Contents

    • 36 Draft Boosters
    • Each booster contains
    • 1 Rare or mythic rare.
    • 1 Mystical Archive card (uncommon, rare, or mythic rare)
    • 1 Lesson card (common, rare, or mythic rare)
    • 3 Uncommons.
    • 9 Commons.
    • 1 Common card replaced by a foil card of any rarity* in 1 out of 3 boosters.


    • unique Lands only in this Set
    • Werewolves, humans, zombies, vampires 
    • Daybound/night bound Mechanic