Jump Start Your Magic gathering Journey.


This new Booster pack is Aimed at New players and those looking for a bit of Draft fun.


how this goes, Players Buy 2-3 boosters each and Mash up a Deck of 40, Up to you if players would like to Trade session to theme their Quick-constructed decks before Setting out on a 1 vs1 or Group match.


Magic The gathering : Jump start Booster box (24 packs)

£142.00 Regular Price
£92.50Sale Price
  • As of Yet : Jump Start is ETA and unknown Release date in europe.

    Wizards only notice so far on their website and Via our Distributors is Delayed no futher information.

  • Features

    • Legal in Eternal Game formats (legacy, vintage, commander)
    • One in three boosters contains an Extra Rare card
    • reprints from Series gone and some Retro ones too almost 500.


    • 20x Cards, Per booster
    • 1x summary card

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