KaldHeim :  Commander Decks Set of 2


Wizards 86th Expansion, Inspired by Norse mythology around Vikings and Historic Legends.


the Story Of Planeswalker Kaya Visits a World of Prophecy, Legend, Mortals and Monsters.


Many Realms, epic Sagas bound by one truth, Viking or Valkyrie, Elf or Dwarf, all belong to the world tree.



Phantom Premonition, Leading With Ranar The Ever-Watchful, Flying Spirit with the Fortell Mechanic ,  the first time you Foretell costs 0 and when ever you Exile one or more Cards from your hand and or permanents from the field, Create a 1/1 white flying spirit token.



Elven empire , Leading with Lathril, Blade of the Eleves ( 2 Swamp/forest CMD Legendary) who deals damage to a player and creates that many 1/1 Green Elf warrior tokens.

Magic The Gathering : Kaldheim Commander Deck Set of 2

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