Magic The Gathering : Theros Beyond Death Theme packs


Perect for Building a new Deck from Scratch or a start to a Set collection.


Theros Beyond Death : Theme Packs

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Theme Booster
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  • Features

    • Mechanics :  Constellations, Go Wide , Auras, Self-mill, Tempo, Escape, Reanimator.
    • Since Dominaria, Theros sees the Return of Saga Cards such as Birth of Meletis, 
    • In Theros Beyond death, you'll find Gods, Demi-gods, Interventions as Heliod's, Thassa's, Erebos's,Purphoros's and Nylea's. Omens, Rare Sagas and more.

    Contents Per Theme Pack

    • Each Theme Booster will come with 35 cards from Theros Beyond Death, all from the same color, including one rare or mythic rare card.
    • Theros Theme pack booster include the chance to collect 10 Special Rare cards.

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