The Chaos Impact Booster Box


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This display contains 24 Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster Packs with 9 cards each. (1 Guaranteed Rare card + 8 commons, with a chance of a Super, Ultra, or Secret Rare)

contains 100 cards:

  • - 48 Commons
  •  20 Rares
  • 14 Super Rares
  • 10 Ultra Rares
  •  8 Secret Rares

Brace for Chaos Impact, Fall 2019's 100-card booster set! Building off themes from Rising Rampage, bringing new strategies to the limelight, and even supporting some classics, Chaos Impact is here to live up to its name and shake up the Dueling scene as we prepare for the new year! Here is just some of what you can look forward to:

- Harness fiendish spiritual power that destroys your own cards to Summon monsters onto the field! A new Level 8 Fiend absorbs your opponent's monster as Link Material to Link Summon the first of a series of DARK Link Monsters that can do the same!
- Dive deeper with Marincess! Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS' heroine Blue Maiden's Ignis-powered strategy reaches unexplored depths, including a powerful new Effect Monster that can splash down any "Marincess" card from your Deck to the Graveyard, and even excavate for an additional "Marincess" card when it's used as a Link Material for a WATER monster!
- Enter the arena with an army of new Gladiator Beasts that you could only dream of, including a brand-new Fusion that can negate monster effects! All of that and a Continuous Spell Card that lets you Special Summon an additional "Gladiator Beast" from your Deck, as well as a powerful Test Tiger-style Link Monster!
- Climb to new heights with the first ever playable Link-5 Monster, Firewall Dragon Darkfluid! With a massive 3000 ATK and an effect that can add up to an additional 10000, Firewall Dragon Darkfluid can stop any of your opponent's monster effects right in their tracks!
- New cards for Decks like Aromage, Dinowrestler, Evil Eye, Salamangreat, Tenyi, and more!


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Chaos Impact Booster Display (24packs)

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