“Exodia, obliterate!” The words that ended Yugi’s first Duel in the original animated series are just the beginning in Legendary Decks II! Legendary Decks II traces the journeys of Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey from Duelist Kingdom to Battle City and beyond, with three unique Decks that let you employ each of their greatest strategies!

Relive the Anime Classic, Yugi, Kaiba and Joey from Duelist Kingdom attending the Battle City Tournament.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Legendary Deck 11 Reprint Unlimited Edition

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  • Reprint Sets are Limited in Nature, so expect Limited stock

    I have 3 Sets Reserved currently, if you wish to Reserve yours Simply place your Order and i'll increase the Unit Reservation so you too will be included in the allocation.

    such items are a First come First serve nature and Refunds will be issued to those unlucky few.


    Order Early to guarantee yours.

  • Features:

    • 3 Secret Rare promotional cards: "Eternal Soul", "Dark Burning Attack", and "Dark Burning Magic"
    • 3 43-card Decks. Each Deck contains 40 Common Cards and 3 Ultra Rare Cards.
    • Reprint of the 6th of October 2016 Legendary Deck 2.



    •  3 x Ultra Rare Token Cards
    •  3 x Secret Rare Cards
    •  3 x 43-card Decks

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