Yu-Gi-Oh : Maximum Gold Tuckbox




New Premium Gold technology isn't the only way Maximum Gold is going to make your cards look amazing. Six wildly popular monsters are getting brand-new variant artwork as well as the Premium Gold Rare treatment, including Droll & Lock Bird, Elemental HERO Stratos, and Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess!


  • Each box will include 4 Maximum Gold packs with 7 cards each: 2 Premium Gold Rares and 5 gold-letter Rares
  • Set to collect 52 Premium Gold Rare Cards.
  • 110 Gold-Letter Rares.

Yu-Gi-Oh : Maximum Gold Tuckbox

  • Pre-Orders:  Release Date 12 November 2020

    More can be Ordered before the release date.

    Otherwise Limited stock, First come First Serve basis.


    Anyone that Pre-Orders, normal Returns will apply upto 14days after the Release date, Pre-orders Must be Cancel Before the Release date due to the nature of finding stock, additonal Orders past the Release date are not guaranteed.

    Refunds will be Automatic on the event of not being able to Fulfill Orders.


    For best Allocation, The Earlier you order the better.

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