Trading Card Singles Explained

All Cards Bought Via the Website is classed as Above/Near Mint and Mint condition.

Storage of Cards, All Cards are Stored in clear Sleeves & Top loaders Regardless of Rarity.

Rare Cards and Above will have options added to their Page, with the options to Select Quality.

(commons, uncommon, common holos etc anything Below Rare/Ultra will maintain Near mint Quality

(Explained Below)

  • Pristine Perfect card: No imperfections or damage to the card upon close inspection.

  • Mint condition No printing imperfections  Minor Edge Whiting. Very minor printing imperfections or damage upon close inspection. Clean gloss with non-visible scratches.

  • Near Mint:  Few imperfections or damage Very few marks, but slight printing imperfections or damage upon close inspection. Solid gloss with very minor scratches


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