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  • Contact Us
    Home address is Disclosed (as i work from home) but feel free to Email Us At: Xenosscape@gmail.com Facebook : Xenos-OTS for Any enquiries.
  • Pre Orders
    Pre-Orders Will only be Dispatched on the Day of Release, Pre-orders will be Ordered to meet the Release date of the product. In relation to this, Orders maybe Cancelled due to Allocation Limits, if this is the case you'll receive A notification and a full refund. Why Do we Use Pre-order Deadlines and Put Returns & Exchanges from the Date of Pre-Order. - To make sure The funds you pay are Available to carry out the Order from the distributor before the release date. - example , if you Pre-order On the deadline 1/5/22 (this is a day before our distributors deadline usually 30days before the Official Release date) you can Refund your pre-order 14 days from the pre-order date, we can then cancel your Item via the distributor and Make sure you will always get your Refund. (taking all the risk for you) - This is a Strict Policy, if you do not Cancel Within the 14 Day Refund period-policy for Pre-orders, you will only be offered an Exchange of goods. (unless the product is Faulty when it arrives at the studio, it will be sorted with distribution to ensure your item is in good condition.)
  • What is the Order In Vs In Stock
    Order In items: Ordered in Via the distributor Every Tuesday, ready for Dispatch on or local pick up upon Request. (Order In Items Are subject to Distributor stock levels, supply and time scale of 24-48 hours) In Stock Means the Item is Present in the Store and ready for Dispactch. (if there are any old Ribbions such as Order online please message me about that item and it will be updated to match our inventory but Generally Order Online & Instock means we have it at the Studio) Being an one person Operation, some Products will have out of date ribbons such as Pre-Order ribbons which need to be changed to Either In stock or Order In. The use of the Ribbon system is just as it says on the Ribbon, If you have any enquires Please message me Very happy help Resolve any Questions
  • Can i Visit the studio & or Pay for things at the Studio?
    currently we don't Accept Vistors as it is a home Run bussiness but we do Accept local Pick up with Pre-notice or if a client has booked a tutoring service. we don't have a way of accepting payments at the studio of current as we are Registered as e-commerce website of current, payments must be done via the website or direct over paypal in this case.
  • Where have Painting services gone , How do I go about Setting up a commission?
    Due to Space, I have Halted Painting services for now but for sure would like to Return this service to the public , if you would like to plan ahead see the guide below Xenoscape thrives on making things as Simple as possible for our Clients. follow the steps Below : Before we start the process there are three main Requirements to setting up a commission: * Models must be in a paintable condition , no 3rd-4th repainted models, models are accepted if they are paint stripped. * No lacquer painted models. * Models must Equal the amount Purchased on Order so make sure if you order 10models to be commission painted , Pack 10models extras will not be painted. 1. Measure the Model/Models you want us to paint , you can do this in Millimetres by measuring the width , for a common example : space marines 32mm base the base is 32mm in width or for oval bases still measure the width. 2. See our Price ranges to match your Base Size, then pick from the options to meet your desired Painting Quaility/grade Purchase your Service and pay the postage this postage is used for the Return journey , on Bigger projects like the Army Deal or larger Character grade commissions come with Free postage as the value is above £40) 3. Getting your models ready for shipping to the studio , if you plan on Buying your figures for us to Build + Paint customers have permission to send Items Purchased in the uk to the Store , it saves on postage and time. (though if you are sending to the Store purchased items the Models will require confirmation from the client if he wants to source carry cases or have the project Wrapped/protected with bubble wrap & packing to be shipped normally) Most Uk Miniatures stockists do free shipping above a Certain amount. Main 3rd party stockists: firestorm games Wayland games Element Games goblingaming you'll find many different brands under one roof with these Retailers. This is usally the case for smaller projects and single Character figures on the smaller size. 4. Ship to the studio (the client is Responsible for shipping fees to the store) make sure the models are well protected with bubble wrap or in your own carry case if sent from home to keep repairs to a minimum) Send to Attention to Andre (Xenosscape) 4 Witham Bank west Boston Linclonshire PE21 8PU If you have any other Concerns , Please do message us at Xenosscape@gmail.com or over Facebook.
  • If I want to change a Detail or Ask for a Request about my Painting commission Order.
    Projects will Start around 3-4 days after your Commission order During the time for Delivery from home to stuido Or the retailer you purchased from to the studio. when you Order you can leave a note on the colour choices or theme you wish to have commissioned and those choices will be applied into the Grading system, if a choice would effect the orginal price , you will be Notified. the policy for this is , you have 5 working days from the point you Order on the website to Email the studio with your Details for the models to be painted in, if a Army arrives without instructions and only a theme note on the order is left the studio will Assume freelance after this 5 day period and any futher changes will be rejected. So it is important to have your colours picked and theme picked during this period.
  • How does Your Local E-Bike Delivery work?
    Local E-Bike delivery Subject to a 2 mile radius from the Studio. Choose Boston-E-Bike Delivery. you can find the map on the footer of the website or On google maps. all Local E-bike Deliveries will be between 1-3pm during the week and doing Rounds all Day Saturday/sunday and subject to Xenosscape Courier policy. Organised contact & Safe location if you are not In. Reattempts will be Carried out and will be Sent out if on Failed Delivery by royal mail 2nd (under £10) Over £20 Royal mail 48 Tracked) (xenosscape won't be Held responsible, for Unsafe Drop off locations and will take the decision to not leave the parcel in your chosen location and leave you a Card, stating it will arrive Via post or Contact the Studio for a pick up/Redelivery.
  • Shipping & Deliveries
    Shipping Rates I use are currently Set By Royal Mail Services. Royal Mail 2nd & Tracked 48 for Over £20 Small parcel Royal mail 2nd Signed for £20-39.99 Royal- mail 1st signed for small parcel Set price of £4.50 = £0-39.99 (suitable for Larger Item Orders) Special delivery Next day (by 1pm) Set price £8.80 Free Delivery Over £40 - the chosen Servivce for Orders Over £40 is 48 Tracked Signed (Compensation cover up to £100) For any Orders Over £100 it is Suggested to Pay for a Signed for Service or Special delivery. (For All orders over £150 Items will be sent Via Special Delivery)
  • Returns & Exchanges
    *Products can be returned within 14 day refund of the initial purchase and 30 days Returns for exchanges. *customer is responsible for Return postage. *Single cards must be returned in the same condition With the Top loader Provided. *Sealed product must be returned in their original packaging unopened and Undamaged (unless damaged caused by Transit in posting) *If products are returned are outside of the Returns policy, not in their original condition and the product is not faulty then it will be Returned to the customer, not refund nor Exchange will be given. Organising an refund or Exchange should always be done Via the Website contact fourm. *Please ensure all items are well protected when being returned
  • Xenoscapes Sales Policy
    Here at xenosscape, I seek to Offer a Service based off Distributor availability. this means i have Multipul Distributor accounts to make sure you get the best price for your Order , without the Issue of Failing to meet Allocations Or high Waiting times. The Price Maybe Slightly higher but it is being consistantly checked and matched to meet customers Requirements , we don't Do Bulk buying here we set the prices so you will always get what you Order. Due to being a Small Start up, if you Request a Price check I will do so and Send you a Quote for items but to do so You must be a Website Member for Email Purposes, so please do sign up.
  • OTS-Points Policy?
    Terms and conditions set by Xenosscape/Xenos-Ots.com 1. OTS-Points Expire at the end of Every Year, on the 1st of each year. 2. Points can be applied to all Products and services the webstore offers. 3. Points Can not be exchanged for Cash or Card singles (but you can buy singles via the webstore only , Cardmarket.eu does not use the loyalty points system) 4. Points will be removed in Events such as Fraud, unauthorised Payments from customers and when Refunds occur. 5. Only one Coupon code is valid per purchase so please save up your points for a bigger Discount)
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