Frequently asked questions

Who can go on my Membership?

A Membership consists of individuals living in a single household. Every Membership must have at least one adult. Family & Grandparent Memberships are made up of 2 adults and up to 6 youths (ages 2-17). All Members must be listed at time of purchase and Member names cannot be switched out until the next renewal.

How can I add grandparents and babysitters to my Membership?

To cover anyone outside of the Member household, we have introduced the Extra Guest pass. The Extra Guest pass is a permanent unnamed guest on the Membership that may accompany any listed Member throughout the year. Extra Guest passes are only available for Family & Grandparent Memberships in addition to the one-time-use-only guest passes which come with every Membership.
Family & Grandparent Memberships can have up to two Extra Guest passes for $10 per extra guest.

Are there any discounts on Memberships?

We offer a 10% discount for Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory employees. Proof is required for a discount at time of purchase.
Members renewing before the membership expiration date will receive 10% off their renewals.

We cannot apply any discounts on online purchases of Memberships at this time. Discounts, promotions and special offers cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions or offers.

How do I use the ASTC reciprocal museum program?

Palouse Discovery Science Center Membership allows you to visit any ASTC museum for free. There are two restrictions to this rule: one, the museum must be at least 90 miles AWAY from PDSC’s address. Two, the museum must be at least 90 miles AWAY from your home address. For a full list of ASTC museums click here.