" hundreds of organge dragons ricocheted into one another, their bodies turning to dust in front of Vicar, forming and outline of a creature almost as large as the sky itself.

the first Elemental Dragon born in four hundred years Roared. Living fire took a breath.


Vicar threw off his gauntlets, Removed his cracked helm. he forced his broken legs up, sranding on a island of rock big enough only for hgim. any other man would have passedout from the pain but Vicar was not any other man,and aftrer that night, when Vicar fought fire itself, the world would never be the same.


From "The Dragon Shields and the men who forged them" Vol :1 

Dragon Shield: Art Brushed : General Vicar

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  • Features

    • General Vicar Art : Brushed sleeves Limited Edition
    • Non-Acid PVC for long lasting card protection
    • Gripped backs


    • 100x Standard Card sleeves
    • Perfect for Magic the gathering , Pokemon and all standard sized card games.
    • 63.5 x 88mm (2 1/2" x 3 1/2" )

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