Xenosscape Heavy Deal


This Deal Consists of your choice of

  • 2 x Heavy vehicles/monsters up to a base size of 80mm to a Light Grade.


offering this Deal is an extension or a stand-alone commission.


Medium Grade consists of, 3 Basic colours, light shading, Minor detail, Glaze gem effects and Light Basing Podge + tufts.



Heavy Deal

SKU: Heavy_deal
Tabletop Grade
  • Due to this being a Army painting Service , the Models provided are done so by the customer or Purchased on behalf of the Customer.

    Refunds will only be given if by The artist that has not fulfilled the Clients Requests or the Minimum Standard as Described in the Army deal.

    Refunds can not be Requested :

    • Broken models on arrival Due to this being out of our control.
    • For wrong shade ( the client must provide the specific details before the commission starts, if not the Artist will assume Freelance and use colours from the Description provided by the client aka military colours)
    • Models can not be returned as they will be built and in a state to not be returned.

    Accepted Terms for Refunds

    • Wrong models Purchased ( Refund for the cost of the painting on those models)
    • Clearly stated Not painted to the Clients chosen colour sets/groups aka Wanted Green was painted Red.

    for all other enquiries, direct contact is the prefered method to resolve any issues.

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