Ultra Pro - Standard Matte Sleeves 100 pack - White


  • Tournament Legal
  • Smooth Shuffling
  • Acid free/non-PVC
  • Professional play Matte sleeves


New Design Post 2017 : for more informaiton please check the ultra pro Website


Ultra-Pro Standard Matte sleeves 100pack-White

SKU: UP_100pkWhite
  • Normal Returns & exchanges apply 14 days Refunds and 30 day Exchanges. (Items must be unopened and undamaged)

    Faulty products ( Customers responsibility to provide pictures/video of Faulty sleeves And Postage costs of Return, Xenosscape will view the content to deem if the item is Refundable or Approved for exchange, due to the nature of Card sleeves a few Faulty sleeves does not Warrent a Refund or exchange unless there is a persistant Fault within the entire Pack)


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