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Magic The Gatherings Kaldheim Set Booster Packs


Available in singles or Sets

  • 1
  • Sets of 4
  • Sets of 10


Wizards 86th Expansion, Inspired by Norse mythology around Vikings and Historic Legends.


the Story Of Planeswalker Kaya Visits a World of Prophecy, Legend, Mortals and Monsters.


Many Realms, epic Sagas bound by one truth, Viking or Valkyrie, Elf or Dwarf, all belong to the world tree.



Magic The Gathering : Kaldheim Set Boosters

  • Contents

    • 30 Boosters
    • 15 Cards in Each Booster
    • Set Booster.


    • Borderless Planeswalkers and Planeswalkers such as Kaya, Niko, Tyvar and Tibalt.
    • Return Of Saga Enchantment subtype , Including Multi-Coloured Sagas for the first time.
    • Tribal Set Featuring :
    • Angels(Plain/Swamp)
    • Giants (Island/Mountains)
    • Elves(Swamp/Forest)
    • Dwarves(Mountain/Plains
    • Shapeshifters (Forest/Island

    Card Mechanics

    • Boast
    • +1/+1 counters, Poison and Distribution spells/abilities
    • Token Sagas Echantments
    • Snow type cards
    • Doublesided Cards, Pathways

    Information Currently Found from https://mtg.fandom.com/wiki/Kaldheim