" Somthing is very wrong with General Vicar.

I am no Long Beak, it's true, but even a lowly jester can see the man has changed.


i suppose fighting a fire elemental dragon and watching your soldiers implode would be enough to change anyone. many be making them reconsider a ffew things. but this is different.

the genral doesn't sleep. He whispers to himself. He hasn't taken his gilded plate off since that night.


He hasn't even washed the blood from it.


and he holds his shield too close. If i didn't know any better, "I'd say there somthing dark about that shield..."


The first record of a Dragon shield in the Modern Era From general vicar's Jester's writings.

Dragon Shield: Art Matte: General Vicar

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  • Features

    • General Vicar Art Matte
    • Non-acid PVC
    • Gripped texture


    • 100x Standard Card sleeves
    • Suitable for Magic the gathering, Pokemon and all Standard card games.
    • 63.5 x 88mm (2 1/2" x 3 1/2" )

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