Xenos OTS
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  • 36x Booster packs
  • each Pack contains 10 x cards , 1 basic energy card and 1 Pokemon TCG online QR code


NOTE : All Booster boxes, Will have their Seal cut Along the top side upon shipping This is to prevent Scalping practices.


Pokemon Scarlet & violet Twilight Masquerade

    • Order Online, Is an Order In system Payment up Front.
    • Product will be ordered Via Distributor Reservation, waiting times Vary.
    • Please allow up to 30 Days for Fulfilment.
    • Any Refunds are still under the 14 Days Returns policy from time of Purchase.
    • 14 Days Returns & Refunds
    • 30 Days exchanges
    • Must be Unopened with original Packaging, contents will be checked Before Refunding and if found to be tampered with aside from the original seal cut, No Refunds will be given. 
    • then will be confiscated for Destruction unless the person requests for the item to be returned.