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Elite Trainer Boxes Fit for New Players and Perfect for Creating new Decks.


Welcome To Kitakami, Mysteries abound about a discovery.


Ogerpon, A Legendary Tera Pokemon dons one of 4 Masks Teal, Wellspring, Hearth Flame or a Cornerstone Mask, each Mask changes its Type Respectively, Nimble and quick, to see with its mask off is a Rare sight indeed. 



Pokemon Scarlet & Violet : Twilight Masquerade Elite Trainer Box

SKU: PK_SV_Twlightmasquerade_ETB
    • 9 Boosters
    • Full Art Promo card
    • 65x Mask Ogerpon card Sleeves
    • Players guide
    • condition Markers 
    • Hard storage box
    • Damage counters
    • 45 x Basic Energy Cards
    • and Tournament legal flip coin.